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How LEAN Manufacturing Principles Can Help Dental Laboratories

Laura Andreescu, MBA, CDT

This article reviews how laboratories can apply LEAN manufacturing principles in selecting and implementing new processes, while also maintaining production efficiency.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires August 31, 2025

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Assessing and Controlling Employee Exposure to Infectious Agents

Mary A. Bartlett; and Tracy L. Moon Jr.

This article presents the practical and legal implications of the steps required to develop an effective health and safety program.


1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires June 30, 2025

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Choosing the Ideal Implant-Supported Prosthesis for an Edentulous Maxilla: Three Key Prosthetic Parameters

Hussein S. Basma, DDS, DESS, MS; et. al.

Assessment of patient- and prosthetic-specific factors helps enable the delivery of a dental restoration that can meet the goals of the patient.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires May 31, 2025

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The Digital Denture Take Home Try In: A New and Powerful Tool for Denture Success

Valerie McMillan, DDS, MS

This webinar will explore how digital denture try ins may be worn for a trial period prior to final placement which presents valuable information for the provider and laboratory.

1 CEU • Cost: $0 • Expires May 31, 2024


Russell Giordano, DMD, CAGS, DMSc; and Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
September 2011 Issue - Expires Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 | SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology
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