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3D Extraoral Facial Scanning for Facially Generated Treatment Planning and Design

Jeff Bynum, DDS, and Fernando Polanco

Digitizing the patient via three methods and aligning/merging the data on a computer screen allows for optimized evaluation, design, and treatment planning.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires December 31, 2021

CE Course

FDA Regulations Involving Orthodontic Aligners

Tim Torbenson

Any laboratory adding orthodontic aligners to their offerings should be well-versed on the FDA requirements. This article covers all options for laboratories seeking to enter into this market space.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires June 30, 2024

CE Course

When to Use Laboratory vs Chairside Processing of Overdentures

Michael D. Scherer, DMD, MS

With stud-style abutment overdentures, a choice must be made regarding whether to incorporate the housing/patrix indirectly in the laboratory or directly intraorally. This article discusses each approach.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires May 31, 2024

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Seamless Collaboration Between Dentists and Lab Technicians as the Foundation for Successful Dentures

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT and Mike Clark, DDS

The seamless flow of information, quality products and expert technique are the basis for a successful analog denture and patient acceptance.

1 CEU • Cost: $0 • Expires May 31, 2024


Russell Giordano, DMD, CAGS, DMSc; and Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
September 2011 Issue - Expires September 30th, 2014 | SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology
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