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Does It Scale?

Terry Lorber, MSc

This article explores elements of today’s digital dental laboratory that impact productivity and various ways to make them scale.



1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires December 31, 2019

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Laboratory Labeling of Removable Appliances

Gregory S. Jacob, DDS; Don L. Powrie

This article will outline the many health, cost, and other reasons for identification, plus offer a review of both analog and digital identification methods.


1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires December 31, 2019

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Digital Dentures: Keep Your Mind and Your Options Open

Thomas Giugliano, DDS

This article will describe the numerous options available today in the realm of digital dentures. A brief case report describes a mandibular denture made using three different techniques.

1 CEU • Cost: $8 • Expires December 31, 2019

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A Fiber-Reinforced Composite Alternative to Metal Substructures

Jim Collis, CDT

This program will introduce a fiber-reinforced composite material as an alternative to metal substructures. 


1 CEU • Cost: $0 • Expires November 30, 2019


Russell Giordano, DMD, CAGS, DMSc; and Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
September 2011 Issue - Expires September 30th, 2014 | SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology
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