Achieving Positive Results From Incorporating 3D Printing Into Your Laboratory

Kris Schermerhorn, CDT

October 2021 Course - Expires Thursday, October 31st, 2024

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Join Kris Schermerhorn, CDT, to learn how 3D printing will have a positive effect on your laboratory. 3D printing is fast and accurate, and training your team of technicians is simple and straightforward, which increases efficiencies throughout your laboratory. You will learn more about 3D resins and hardware as well as Kris’s recommended processes to ensure success with each. He will cover CAD design, discuss transitioning from design to slicing software, and share printing and post-cure best practices.

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SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology | October 2021

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn more about 3D resins
  • Become familiar with 3D printing hardware
  • Better grasp 3D printing processes and best practices


The author reports no conflicts of interest associated with this work.

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