Innovation in Material Science for 3D Printed Dentures

John Wageman

October 2021 Course - Expires Thursday, October 31st, 2024

Web Only


Desktop Health™ is bringing the latest 3D printing technology and new resin materials to the dental industry. In this comprehensive webinar presented by John Wageman, CDT, you will hear expert insights on how same-day smile transformations are possible with the Envision One cDLM 3D printer and New Flexcera™. John will discuss how 3D printing dentures can lead to an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution with predictable results.

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SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology | October 2021

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the simplicity, productivity, and return on investment of adding digital denture capabilities to your practice or laboratory
  • Discover Flexcera™, a new resin for the fabrication of beautiful, functional dentures with ceramic-like strength
  • Gain expert insights on the latest techniques for successful smile design and predictable results (with the EnvisionTEC 3D printing workflow)


The author reports no conflicts of interest associated with this work.

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